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What are Classic Lash Extensions? (2 - 2.5 Hours) Classic lash extensions are considered the "traditional" lashing technique in which one single extension is applied to one, isolated natural lash. This gives a classic lash set a 1:1 ratio, and a very natural look overall. To keep your lashes full and health, a lash fill is recommended every 2-3 weeks after the initial application.


Eyelash extensions are currently the one of the most lucrative services you can offer in the beauty industry and growing at an exponential rate! If you are looking for flexible hours and unlimited potential, eyelash extensions offer a very exciting opportunity. Our course is the premier lash training in the state of Wisconsin! Our comprehensive hands-on instructor led training takes you through the lashing process step by step to teach you how create flawless natural looking eyelash extensions.


The WhipLASH University Classic Lash Extensions Course will teach you the skills to be able to competently and effectively offer Classic Lash Treatments. People everywhere are interested in attaining lash extensions and are sick of using mascara DAILY! Let's help them reach their lash goals!


- Small Class Sizes, max 1:2 Education/Student Ratio

- Don't sweat it! WhipLASH University will provide all the live Models for the day! 


Our 8 Hour LIVE In-Person Training Course will include education and training on the following:

  • Classic Individual Application
  • Classic Lash Mapping
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Eye anatomy
  • Eyelash growth cycle
  • Allergies vs. irritation
  • Common irritations
  • Common infections
  • Supply and Station Set up
  • Product knowledge
  • Eyelash extension adhesive
  • Eyelash extension types: curls, lengths, diameters; classic, hybrid and volume
  • Eye shapes
  • Taping techniques
  • Consultations
  • Eyelash extension selection
  • Basic skills
  • How to hold your tweezers
  • Isolation
  • Separation
  • Applying extensions
  • Correcting extensions
  • Removing extensions
  • Fill techniques
  • Aftercare/cleansing
  • Pre book recommendations
  • Marketing and Business Building Techniques and more!
  • Educator guidance with live model *Great time to take videos!
  • Our personal EXCLUSIVE Tips and Tricks to creating the best Lash Treatment Experience!
  • One LIVE Model done by the student, with the Educator shadowing
  • WhipLASH University Certificate of Completion & Photoshoot!

Classic Lash Extensions Training

  • Each WhipLASH Basic Classic Lash Kit includes the following:

    • 1 tray: mixed mink lash extensions in .15 C Curl Mixed Tray

    • 1 tray: mixed mink lash extensions in .15 CC/D Curl Mixed Tray

    • 1 bottle of lash adhesive

    • 1 curved tweezer

    • 1 straight (isolating) tweezer

    • 1 lash tile

    • 1 roll of foam tape (for eyepads) & 1 roll of vinyl paper for eyepads

    • 1 roll of paper tape

    • 1 roll of Blue 3M tape

    • 50 disposable lash wands

    • 50 disposable micro brushes

    • Lash Practice Sponges (works so much better than a Mannequin! We will show you!) & Practice Sheets

    • 20 adhesive wipes

    ***items in kit are subject to change depending on stock but you will be notified if anything will be substituted


    Each WhipLASH Premium Kit will include all of the above, PLUS:

    • • 2 trays: mixed mink lash extensions in .15 C Curl Mixed Tray

      • 2 trays: mixed mink lash extensions in .15 D or CC Curl Mixed Tray

      • 5 hydrating lip masks (retail to sell as an add-on service)

      • 1 WhipLASH Lash Cleanser

      • 1 container of lash remover

      • 1 bottle of lash primer

      • 1 cell phone ring light (GREAT Photos/Videos are a MUST!)

      • 1 eyelash mirror (used to check underneath the lashes)

      • Additional 50 lash wands

      • 1 mapping marker

      • 1 cleansing brush

      • 1 Nano Lash Mister

      • 1 container of adhesive wipes (replaces the 20 from the original kit)

      $350 worth of extras for only $199!

  • All of our training courses are non-refundable, but can be applied to another class within 6 months of original sign-up date. If you must reschedule, please cancel 72 hours before class start time or forfeit the deposit and course entirely. You may reschedule one time only. Please contact your instructor directly (you will receive their phone number after you sign-up via email) or our main email for rescheduling.

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