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What are Henna Brows? (40-60 minute service) Henna Brows are perfect for you if you are tired of filling in your brows on a daily basis BUT aren't quite ready to commit to microblading or powder brows. The henna pigment stains the hair AND skin, versus regular tinting that just stains the hair, and sets to a lustrous powder finish that lasts up to 2 weeks on skin and up to 4 weeks on hair, depending on skin type. We shape and design your brows, collaborate with you on the outline and make sure they are just the way you want them, wax around our outline, and then apply the henna. **NOT SUITED FOR THOSE ALLERGIC TO HAIR DYE**


Our course is the premier Henna Brow training in the state of Wisconsin! Our comprehensive hands-on instructor led training takes you through the Henna Brow process step by step to teach you how create a BOMB BROW! *If you are licensed, we will also show you shaping and waxing with soft wax. If you are not licensed, we will show you how to use a brow tool to remove excess hair. 


The WhipLASH University Henna Brow Training Course will teach you the skills to be able to competently and effectively offer Treatments to the public.


- Small Class Sizes, max 1:2 Education/Student Ratio

- Don't sweat it! WhipLASH University will provide all the live Models for the day! 


Our 5 Hour LIVE In-Person Training Course will include education and training on the following:

  • Henna Brow Process & Waivers
  • Henna Brow Process
  • Consultations and Record Keeping Software
  • Brow Anatomy
  • Contraindications
  • Sanitary Practices And Preventing Cross-Contamination
  • Determining Appropriate Brow Shape 
  • Determining the right Henna Color to use 
  • Aftercare
  • Troubleshooting
  • Henna Brow Tips and Tricks
  • Pre book recommendations
  • Marketing and Business Building Techniques and more!
  • Educator guidance with live model *Great time to take videos!
  • Our personal EXCLUSIVE Tips and Tricks to creating the best Brow Treatment Experience!
  • Two LIVE Models done by the student, with the Educator shadowing
  • WhipLASH University Certificate of Completion & Photoshoot!

Henna Brow Training

  • Each WhipLASH Basic Henna Brow Kit includes the following:

    • Henna Capsules in six richly pigmented henna shades: Ash Blonde, Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, and Black
    • Brow Oil 
    • Rose Water Fixing Solution 
    • Brow Scrub 
    • Foaming Cleanser
    • Glass Mixing Dish
    • 5 Applicator Sticks/Brushes


    Each WhipLASH Premium Kit will include all of the above, PLUS:

    • 1 Precise Brow Scissor
    • 1 Handheld Mirror
    • 1 Pack of fun WhipLASH Stickers!
    • Ring light for your phone (MUST HAVE GREAT PHOTOS/VIDEO!) 
    • 5 Additional Applicator Sticks/Brushes 
    • 1 Additional Glass Mixing Dish 
    • 1 Pack Mascara Wands
    • 1 Pack of Esthetic Wipes
    • 1 Pack of Pointed Q-Tips
    • 1 Pack of Micro-Brushes

    $199 worth of extra goodies for only $99!

  • All of our training courses are non-refundable, but can be applied to another class within 6 months of original sign-up date. If you must reschedule, please cancel 72 hours before class start time or forfeit the deposit and course entirely. You may reschedule one time only. Please contact your instructor directly (you will receive their phone number after you sign-up via email) or our main email for rescheduling.

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